A family business with Casper & Diana as founders, parents of the family who were the first to start with a beautiful studio in the center of Alkmaar. Both come from the tourism industry, as flight attendants and tour guides, and know better than anyone how nice it is to enjoy and see as much of the world as possible. As eager to travel as Casper and Diana themselves are, it appears that the three sons have also learned something from this and are now participating with great enthusiasm in the establishment of several holiday accommodations, especially in Italy. All locations are all based on holiday accommodation / rental, where we feel comfortable as a family. We understand better than anyone that your holiday is the time of the year that you look forward to and want to enjoy to the fullest. Enjoying each other, family and/or friends, culture, nature and all the unique places that you accidentally or intentionally discover during your trip. In short, an ultimate holiday experience, which we understand all too well!

The CASASdeCASPER family

Casper & Diana

After working in tourism for many years, we wanted to add something to our lives. Casper has 49 years of experience as a tour guide around the world, Diana 43 years of experience as a cabin attendant.

A while ago we started a studio (bed without breakfast) in Alkmaar with great success. We had the opportunity to become owners of 2 chalets on a cozy, genuine Italian family campsite on Lake Lugano in Porlezza. A beautiful location. This was an opportunity that we seized with both hands. Together with our family we own a total of 9 chalets at Camping International Porlezza.


Guido and Ryanne

Together with our two daughters Jasmijn and Ameé, we are the proud owners of Koln 16, 18 and Vienna 14 at the International Sportcamping in Porlezza.

We discovered this beautiful spot 3 years ago. After walking around the campsite, we noticed Koln 16 and 18, these chalets were for sale. From 2023 we will also have Vienna 14 for rent and from 2024 we will also own Koln 14. How lucky we were and even more lucky that a little later we could call ourselves the proud owners of these chalets. We bought the chalets for our own use but also to share the beauty of this place with other people.

Marc & Justin

We ourselves come from the Netherlands, The Hague to be precise. We always look forward to getting away from the big city every now and then. Looking for a different environment and then we ended up in the cozy Porlezza in the summer of 2020. After we enjoyed the campsite on Lake Lugano, we bought 3 chalets.

From April 2023 we bought a nice apartment in Alkmaar which is located next to the existing studio.

We wish you a good stay!